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Puzzle game where you must unravel the secret formula for the destilation of the most  relinquished item in the history of alchemy: the Philosopher's Stone.


Your puzzles don't make sense
This is my first puzzle game and designing the puzzle itself was kinda hard. I've playtested with some family members and it seems like it could have been worse. I'm pretty happy with the result. The difficulty curve in the last step is probably too high though. I took some inspiration on *Mu Cartogropher* in that the interface itself is supposed part of the puzzle. I don't think I got to what I first visioned but the intention is there. 

This is not how alchemy works
You're probably right. I tried to do some investigation on treaties of alchemy but their whole nature is ambiguous so I don't feel bad for just mashing stuff together. I got some inspiration from The Six Keys of Eudoxus.

Why would you use Unreal Engine for a jam game?
Since the first time in LD37 all my jam games have been done in Unity. I'm starting to work with Unreal Engine and wanted to take this jam as an oportunity to practice and in fact that's the main reason why I joined the jam. Working with unreal for a small project and in just a weekend has been kind of a hassle, but not as bad as I was expecting it to be. The main problem seems to be the exporting and building of the game, so if you have any problem running the game I'd appreciate a heads up.

Version notes:
v1.0 - Original Solo Entry

v1.1 - Fixed a bug that disables the final wining state.

v1.2 - Hopefully fixes a bug that launches SteamVR with the game.


Six Keys Windows 64bit.zip 93 MB
SixKeysUnrealProject_v1.1.zip 21 MB

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