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This is a local multiplayer game,

2 Controllers are needed to play!

One Man Army is a strategy game where you only have one unit.

Collect Crystals

Build Mage Towers

Burn your opponent

There are 3 structures you can build: Crystal Mines, Workshops and Mage Towers.

  • Crystal Mine: Crystals are needed to build structures . Crystal mines gather crystals from surrounding deposits wich can be collected once the mine is full.  Workers can collect crystals manually but at a much slower pace.

  • Mage Tower: Interacting with a mage tower transforms your unit into a mage who can summon powerful meteors that target your opponent. This has a small crystal cost but the number of meteors that spawn depends on the number of Mage Towers you have.

  • Workshop: Only workers can collect crystals and build! Remember to build a Workshop before turning your unit into a mage or there's no turning back. Of course, you could just ignore the workshop and just start attacking whenever you're sure there's not going to be any need for more building after the firestorm.

If you like the jam version you can try our latest version here:


This is a local 1v1 multiplayer so you will need 2 controllers to play. You can also play online with a friend using a service like https://parsecgaming.com/

public git repository: https://gitlab.com/FiloGCS/gmtk-jam-2019


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One Man Army 1.21 Win64 44 MB
OneManArmy 1.01 Win64 41 MB

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